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Pricing policy


The mission of Medusa jewelry is to provide customers with unprecedented experience through the originality and quality of its products, and to facilitate users' use through online shopping, so as to avoid high operating costs and ensure the most favorable price.

Our price policy reflects our goal of providing high quality, personalized products and selling them in the market at the most favorable price.


We offer best price business practices

  • The meaning of businessWith our experience in online jewelry and e-commerce, we know how to manage our operating costs.
  • Elimination of Intermediaries:We deal directly with wholesalers from the source, and our sales model aims to eliminate wholesalers in order to provide savings for our customers.
  • Long term cooperation: Maintaining a healthy relationship with our suppliers can save costs and negotiate quantity agreements.
  • Efficient management: At every step of the purchase process until your product is delivered, regular reviews are conducted to control costs at all levels.
  • Storage - just in time A direct source replenishment process quickly and effectively enables us to avoid inventory costs and provide the best price for your budget.
  • Advantages of online storesCan reduce operating costs, which affects our price list.
  • Internal experts:Experts in the jewelry industry are responsible for identifying and negotiating materials and their quality ("metals and gemstones"). To provide you with the best price.
  • There are no hidden costs Our products are sold by weight, depending on the length and size of the products, and customers pay according to their actual purchase value.


Fair price guarantee

The weight on our website is indicative only because some factors may affect the weight and final price of the product:

  • Product attachment model
  • Weight change of output value
  • Models, metal and stone
  • Product weight changes caused by weather factors
  • Sources of metals and stones used by wholesalers
  • Wholesaler policy
  • wait

Copy this website code to your website to set up a voting box on your website. Reevaluation (a) Refer to the procedure in the reimbursement policy and price the partial repayment based on the following reasons:

  • More than 15% of the actual weight of the item
  • Compared with the requested product, the length and width of the received product are significantly different. (+ 1 mm or 1 mm)

While Medusa jewelry makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the pricing information on its website, the website and its information content are provided in such a way that there is no guarantee of any kind, including its accuracy. Full text or update. The information on the website is general and should not be used as the sole basis for decision-making and should not replace the specific advice of professionals.

Under no circumstances shall Medusa jewelry, its affiliated partners, managers, employees and representatives be liable for any damages directly or indirectly related to the site pricing information and / or its contents.


Service and price changes

  • The price of our products is subject to change.
  • We reserve the right at any time to change or discontinue the Service (or any part or content of the Service) without notice at any time.
  • We will not be liable to you or a third party for any changes, price changes, suspensions or interruptions to the Service.

For more information, please refer to our Repayment policy

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